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Projects Completed

At Digital Infrastructure Group, we are building fiber-as-a-utility across North America.

Our Projects
who we are

Building infrastructure for the next 100 years

We specialize in developing, designing, building, financing, maintaining, and operating fiber broadband infrastructure projects structured as either public private partnerships (PPPs) or privately funded infrastructure projects.

our role

Project developer

As project developers, we ensure we are partnering with the right execution partners and providing the most optimal capital solution to build, operate, and maintain inter-generational projects.  

Capital Markets

Experience in infrastructure project finance and debt and equity capital markets.

Telecommunications & Networks

Expertise in designing, building, financing, and wholesale fiber-to-the-premise networks

Engineering, Planning, Construction

Execution expertise in engineering and building telecom networks, water utilities and electric utilities

Our projects

Alberta Broadband Networks | Alberta, Canada

Alberta Broadband Networks is a fibre optic broadband infrastructure provider, owned by Meridiam and Digital Infrastructure Group. We are working with communities across Alberta, Canada to close today’s digital divide by building reliable fibre optic infrastructure that will be sustainable for the next 100 years.

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